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Ela Zingerevich

Ela is a vocal artist, educator and composer. She performed with the Israel Philharmonic and the German Radio Orchestra, collaborated as an educator with the Weill Institute at Carnegie Hall and was the first woman to serve as the Director of Music at the West London Synagogue where she developed and implemented large scale participatory musical formats and curriculum. Ela is the founder of Allmighty Productions, a company that conceives and develops innovative opera education programs for young audiences. She recently published her first children's book " 'Night, Sun".


The linnstrument is a piano, a tabla, a guitar and a string instrument. Actually, that is selling him short. The linnstrument is all the instruments you ever wanted to play. The professionals call him an "expressive midi controller" but we just call him Linnie.

Born in the USA in 2014 to father Roger Lynn, Linnie is a sensitive guy that loves putting on a show with his versatile tones and flamboyant display of lights. He is the youngest member of our cast.

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Alejandra Martín Hernandez 

Alejandra is a Spanish violist, pedagogue and musical mediator. She holds a double Master's Degree in Musical Mediation and in Musical Pedagogy with a baroque violin as second instrument from the Bern MusikHochschule. Alejandra is the author of "Peluso y Alma reparan su hogar"- an interactive book about the viola. She has developed educational projects for several institutions and festivals, among them the Whitebox in Munich, Thun School of Music, Musikfestival Bern and Gstaad Festival. 

Alejandra conducts the "Superstart" Program of Superar Suisse (inspired by the Venezuelan Orchestra System).


Born in Paris in 2009  to father luthier Aymeric Guillard, Viola hails from a prestigious Italian family of the 16th century named  "da braccio" ( Italian for "of the arms"). Often referred to as  "the violin's bigger sister", Viola would like to request that she be treated as the beautiful unique individual that she is. Perfect in her own way, with her own special balance between size and ease of playing, Viola is just like us, quite human. Her deep and warm sound, a bit fragile sometimes, is very close to the human voice. 

She is extremely creative and enjoys to experiment around with her bow. She also loves traveling and has already been with Harold in Italy, with Bartok in Hungary and with Hindemith in Germany, and now she is coming to visit you!

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